Thunder Point

When driving the Oregon coast, if you blink you’ll miss Thunder Point, a small, ordinary town at the base of towering cliffs, tucked into the curve of a picturesque bay. A long, peaceful beach, a little marina filled mostly with fishing boats, the bay peppered with tall, haystack rocks, the crashing, frothing Pacific Ocean. And the finest people you could ever hope to meet, people who open their hearts—and fall in love.

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robyn2012Dear Reader:

Sometimes a man has to accept certain things about himself, and for Hank Cooper, his reality was that he’d never stayed in one place for long. In fact, since leaving home at the age of nineteen, his longest stint in one place was with the Army as a helicopter pilot, and that was saying something, given the fact that the brass in the Army seemed to stay up nights looking for excuses to transfer people. But Cooper never minded that—he usually felt restless about a week after getting to a new place. He wasn’t the settling down type; he even pulled a fifth wheel so his very life was lived on wheels.

Cooper liked being flexible and ready to roll. It’s with exactly that philosophy that he went to attend to the unfinished business of a recently deceased friend and found himself camping out on the ridge above a still, dark bay on the Oregon coast. From where he sat outside his trailer he could see a small, ordinary town, a long and peaceful beach, a little marina filled mostly with fishing boats and beyond the bay peppered with tall, haystack rock formations, the crashing, frothing Pacific ocean. Picturesque, but nothing spectacular. Until storms over the Pacific rolled into the bay, then it was like one of the seven wonders.

Cooper had traveled the world. He’d seen beauty in every corner, and it had only inspired him to look further. He was a rolling stone and had reached the age of thirty-seven without putting down roots. He had no bills or obligations and life was easy, just as he liked it.

Cooper met a deputy who was the law of the town, a man driven to keep a quiet place safe and peaceful. There was a young, single mother who served him his breakfast at a little diner, who knew everyone and how each one of them liked their eggs. A search and rescue pilot who looked more suited for a modeling career and a teenage boy who was too alone. The town, so ordinary and unaffected, was populated by people who seemed to fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle. And something bizarre began to happen, something that had never happened to him before. They began to draw him in despite the fact that he was ready to move on.

Something snagged his heart, something he was more than ready to resist. A kind-hearted town, a beautiful woman, a fatherless boy. A heart-stopping view. Feelings of responsibility, feelings of desire. In his mind he heard, Run Cooper, run. And he thought—Tomorrow I leave. He knew he couldn’t stay because he never had. But that little town and its people tugged at him.

The town is called Thunder Point, and you’d never know to look at it that dreams are built there.

See you there. Bring your dreams.