Jack Sheridan and Preacher tend to the good people of Virgin River, providing hearty comfort food, a ready ear . . . and a helping hand . . . in a big, hand-hewn log tavern set against a backdrop of towering California redwoods.

The locals call it: "Jack's Bar."

It's become the place where the community Christmas tree is raised and decorated each year (in red-white-and-blue, no less), where doctors and law enforcement dine compliments of the house and where townspeople gather in both good times and bad.

Jack's Bar is most certainly the heart of Virgin River (pop. 600). In a town too small for a daily newspaper, it's where you go to learn the latest goings on, while filling your belly with Preacher's home-made pies and breads.

So consider this Robyn's virtual equivalent of Jack's Bar — a place where you can drop by to learn where Robyn will be doing book signing or trade the latest Virgin River tidings in the Chat Room. Everyone is welcome . . . Jack, Preacher and Robyn wouldn't have it any other way.

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